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Floor preparation

“Its all in the prep”
A simple yet true statement. If your floor is not prepared properly no matter what you put on it will run the risk of failure. Failure is time lost, money lost and lost reputation. Shot blasting is the best preparation! No other system matches it .

Dust Free Shot Blasting

Enclosed shot blasting is a technique that fires steel pellets from a machine onto a floor to remove an existing coating (paint, epoxy etc) or onto bare concrete floor to shift years of accumulated dirt. It scours the surface to make an excellent key for whatever follows. The shot rebounds into the blaster to be used again until infinity. Meanwhile the dust and the debris is sucked away and filtered into a large vacuum collector, which prevents hazardous working and environmental pollution. Every couple of hours the collector needs to be emptied into a waste skip.

Auto Blast Floor Grinding and Scabbling


The amount we blast a day varies according to circumstances. Is it one large factory/warehouse floor or a number of small rooms? Is it a new floor that’s been power floated, that they now want textured! A thick coating on a floor may need several passes of the blaster to strip it. The area that takes heavy traffic will blast easily, the outlying zones not so. A rough guide would be 1,200 sq/metres per day. We have done jobs where we’ve managed 2,500 sq/metres a day. N. B. These blasters cannot work on wet floors or greasy surfaces. The former needs to be dried off, the latter degreased.

Auto Blast Floor Grinding and Scabbling


• Factories and warehousese
• Removal of old coatings
• Providing non-slip surfaces
• Multi-storey car parks
• Shopping precincts
• Cold stores
• Bus depots
• Bridge decking
• Ships decks
• Foot bridges
• Steel preparation to SA3 standard
• Exposing aggregates
• Offshore platforms, walkways and helidecks

This is not a national service please enquire for operational areas