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Cattle Slipping Over?

Don't delay, call us now-to groove and make safe those slippery and vulnerable areas.
The constant passage of animals and mechanical scrapers on concrete produces in time, a very slippery and dangerous surface both to livestock and humans.

Valuable cattle sometimes have to be disposed of, as a result of a fall or torn muscles caused by slipping on these floors.

Late winter, cows' and heifers' feet become very hard. Heifers are especially unused to concrete; freshly calved they are very vulnerable to the splits.

Spacing and Pattern

Experience has shown that ideal spacing for dairy cows are grooves 60mm apart. The grooves are cut in a V profile so that muck does not compact in the cut, and the animal's foot feels the groove throught the muck.

If the muck becomes dry in the V, it will clean out next time it becomes damp.

We go over every line twice, which helps with the quality of the groove.

Grooves are cut in two directions i.e. chess board design.

The groove is always perpendicular to the cow's path! Whether she's reversing from her cubicle or strolling down the shed to feed or be milked.

How many years will it last?

Will the grooves wear out? Depends on several factors, amount of wear, hardness of concrete etc. What normally happens is the exposed square glazes after 8-12 years and the edges are not so defined. It is then a good idea to regroove, not staying in the existing grooves but to groove diagonally across the squares - so the glaze is busted.


Machines are pedestrian controlled and can groove most concrete areas - loose boxes, hospital areas etc. Herringbone parlours and race passages may have to be content with a straight groove.

Is it a long job?

Most jobs can be completed in a day. A two-man team doe's approx 80/100 yards per hour.

Clean the area

The zone needs to be free of debris, washed thoroughly and scraped clean.


• No disruption of routine
• Surface usable immediately after treatment
• Large or small areas can be grooved
• Long lasting surface - No damage to floors
• Low cost - High benefits
• We carry out the work

Prices Held for 6th Successive Year!

Fees from January 2018
Standard Grooving:
• Minimum charge up to 100 sq yds £250
• First 200 sq yds £2.50 per sq yd
• Thereafter £2.00 per sq yd
• These charges are exclusive of VAT

For small jobs and work further away we may charge a reasonable and appropriate travelling fee.

This is not a national service please enquire for operational areas



Concrete Grooving

Concrete Grooving

Concrete Grooving

Comments and Commendations

From Darryl Wallis, Highleadon, Newent, Gloucestershire.

“We were pleased with the chess board pattern but with the diagonal cutss through, it gives an extra grip which is well worth the premium. Over the last 12 months we have not had one animal slip in our dispersal yard.

From David Cullamore, Mobley Farm, Berkeley, Gloucestershire.

"Supergrooves gives the cows sure footing and confidence in their minds which makes them less nervous."