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Cattle Pregnancy - Ultrasound scanning of cows Cow Pregnancy Scanning

DEFRA Approved Certification - UOL Veterinary Faculty, March 2002

This will interest all farmers with dairy and beef suckler herds.

What does it do?
  • lt identifies pregnant cows.
  • How accurate? Very, normally 99% correct.
  • How quick? Up to 50 cows per hour.
  • lt identifies barren cows.
  • How safe? Immensely.
  • lt estimates the calving date.
  • How stressful? Less than manual P.D.
  • Low Cost
When can they be scanned?
From 30 days after service using a rectal probe it is possible to detect pregnancy, through to 120 days. After this stage the uterus normally descends into the abdomen. The cow can then be scanned externally.
The benefits
By measuring the foetus using cursors we can calculate the calving date. A great boon to those running a bull.

The accurate and early diagnosis of pregnancy in both dairy and beef herds is essential for the maintenance of high levels of reproductive efficiency.
It is required for the early identification of fertility problems at both the individual animal and herd levels and for the achievement of planned seasons of calving and prescribed calving intervals.

It is estimated that a cow not in calf when she ought to be costs the farmer 7 per day approximately - less milk, fewer calves etc.

Dairy Cows

  • 1 - 50 @ 2.50 per cow, thereafter @ 2.00 per cow
  • There is a 20 call out charge and a minimum fee of 75.00

Suckler Cows

  • £3.00 per cow
  • There is a £20 call out charge and a minimum fee of £75.00

Contact Luke on Mobile : 07889 248640

If you suspect a cow has not held service - an ultrasound scan at 2.50/2 per cow must be good value!
This is not a national service please enquire for operational areas