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  • Upper Wraxall
  • Chippenham
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  • Fax: 01225 891050
  • Email: mcdonoug@globalnet.co.uk


All branding is not the same

Are you wasting your time and money with poor quality branding?
Hesitate no longer - ring us!

Straying and missing heifers at spring turnout are a lot easier to trace
with clear Freeze Brand initial and number on them.
N.B. Stock in poor condition, heavily dunged or suffering bad attacks of
ringworm, lice or mange do not brand well.

New - Calf Branding Service

Demand is growing and to help farmers and ourselves handle calves,
we now have two specialist crates built to our specifications. Small
enough to carry in our vehicles, we will have one each at all times.
N.B. Not suitable for animals over 8 months

Prices from Ist January 2018

  • • Minimum Charge up to 15 cattle £95.00.
    • Thereafter an additional £5.00 per cow up to 60 (£320.00)
    • Then £4.00 per additional cow
  • • These charges are for up to three digits per beast, one side only.
  • • Extra digit is £1.00.
  • • For duplicating on both sides extra 70%.
  • • Full alphabet and calf irons.
  • • Guaranteed results indefinitely.
  • • For small jobs and work further away we may charge a reasonable and
       appropriate travelling fee.
  • • Charges are exclusive of VAT.

N.B.Scar branding whole herds applies to Jerseys, Guernsey's, Brown Swiss and MRI cows - add an extra £2.00 per beast.

This is not a national service please enquire for operational areas


Freeze Branding Freeze Branding

Arthur Price writes from Frocester court, Frocester, Gloucester, Nov. 2005

“Dear Macattack,
Once again many thanks for your excellent service freeze branding our heifers. Friendly, fast and efficient service. Just the usual we have come to expect from a top quality operator.
Thankyou Russell. ”