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Sheep Pregnancy Scanning

Sheep Pregnancy Scanning

Sheep Pregnancy Scanning

Sheep Pregnancy Scanning


Advantages of Scanning is identification of barren ewes and those carrying singles and multiples. The sheep can then be grouped accordingly and feed will be balanced and fed in an appropriate manner and not wasted, thereby saving money.

Scanning also helps to prevent disorders such as pregnancy toxaemia and simplifying tasks such as fostering spare lambs onto singles. Cull ewes can be sold immediately, taking advantage of winter mutton prices.

A sector scanner is used which gives a better view of the ewe's uterus, making a correct diagnosis easier. The ewe is scanned in a crate standing up and not restrained. The crate can fit on the end of a race or at the apex of a three-sided pen.

Typically, we now do 200+per hour ewes in Iamb.

It is vital that the ewes are between 70-105 day of pregnancy. There is some variation on this depending on size and type.

To obtain the most accurate results, it is helpful if the ewe's rumen is not full.

To facilitate this either yard them for 5 hours minimum, or move them to a paddock with very little grass cover for eight hours.

This year has seen a welcome transformation in the ‘barren ewe’ price and most importantly ’LAMB PRICES’.

Have your ewes scanned and get your barreners away at market premium prices.

Luke has been scanning sheep since 1992. For ten of those in June/July he would scan in New Zealand doing about 100,000 in a seven-week period. You can be confident he is very experienced


Charges from January 2018

• Marking with spray paint is inclusive in our prices
• Charges are on a daily basis of numbers scanned
• Minimum charge 75 - inclusive of first 100 ewe's
• Thereafter @ 55p per ewe
• Special rates over 1,200 ewes
• Movement charge 25 per location
• For small jobs and work further away we may charge a reasonable and appropriate travelling fee


Contact Luke on Mobile : 07889 248640

This is not a national service please enquire for operational areas