• Fairfield Farm
  • Upper Wraxall
  • Chippenham
  • SN14 7AG

  • Tel: 01225 891750
  • Fax: 01225 891050
  • Email: mcdonoug@globalnet.co.uk

The business was originally formed in 1968 trading under my own name ‘Russell McDonough’ as a Freeze Branding and Contract Sheep Shearing service .

Concrete Grooving was added 25 years ago, Ultra Sound Scanning of sheep and cows 20 years ago and most recent Dust Free Shot Blasting in 2001. In 2004 my son Luke became a partner and we renamed the company Macattack Limited.

Gone now is the Contract Sheep Shearing and we now specialise in our four core services:

1. Freeze Branding cows.

2. Ultra Sound Scanning of cows and sheep.

3. Concrete Grooving on farms.

4. Auto Blast dust free shot blasting and diamond grinding floor
preparation prior to the application of paints and screeds.

Russell McDonough, Founder of Macattack Limited
Code of practice: All projects have a written risk assessment.

We have a health and safety document in place and full public liability insurance.